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I know everything there is to know…

During my time at Covey Leadership Center Australia, the example of Joe Thomas helping a group of clients to an insight was sort of legendary at our office.


As a renowned facilitator for Covey Leadership Center in the US, Joe Thomas has helped hundreds of people work with Dr Stephen R Covey’s ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ material.


At Sundance during one program, Joe was discussing the concepts around Habit 5 – ‘Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood.’ He told the group that there was always one more question that could be asked to ensure full understanding of the other person’s perspective. Some were shocked to hear that no one had all the facts about any single thing.


A participant, referred to as Bob, challenged Joe. “There has to be one thing I know everything about?” Bob said. “See if you can come up with something.” Joe challenged


After a while Bob light-heartedly calls out “Joe, I know everything there is to know about my signature!”


“What is that in Latin?” Joe says


“I know everything there is to know about my signature written in English, then” Bob retorts.


“How many times a year do you write it?”


“Ok, Joe then I know everything there is to know about writing my signature once in English”


To which, Joe asks “How much ink does that use?”

November 28, 2017