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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on which program you pick, you can start with the first 3 sessions free to try it out to see if it works for you.  Alternatively you can subscribe to individual streams or you can subscribe to the full 36 learning sessions for the Elements of Success program which covers 4 major topic areas: Personal, Team Dynamics, and Customer Experience and Processes.

Whichever you pick, you will have access to the appropriate forums and groups for discussion and insight - and to catch up with like-minded people.

As the program matures you will get access to exclusive content and new topics and skills development programs as they come on line.  We have lots of exciting content in development by seasoned professionals and leaders.

Above all, we are here to provide help and assistance with your career goals and aspirations.

As we are just starting out we have heavily discounted our prices because the site is new, things might not work the way we wish, and it might get a bit frustrating at times.  We want to compensate our early adopters up front.  You can start with the first 3 Elements for free.  

Our commitment to quality is paramount to us.  We hope you will not be subjected to any inconvenience but, just in case you are, we want to make sure that you get the best value.

As the site beds down and improvements and innovations start appearing the price will be increased accordingly as a reflection of the increased value.   There is an ground floor opportunity for getting in early.  Currently the most you can pay is $49 per year for the Personal Program.  We expect the Team Dynamics and Customer Experience programs to be available soon.

We are putting all our investment in to the product rather than advertising.

We would prefer to invest in our clients rather that increasing the revenue of advertising sites and services so to reward people for promoting and contributing to the community we believe an affiliate program provides us with the opportunity to say thank you to people who support us.

Signing up for the affiliate program enables us to attribute any new business to you and allows us to pay commissions to you, in line with the value of the program.  The more that people you introduce subscribe, the more you earn in return.

Because we want to promote new ideas and new approaches, we are actively seeking people with something to offer.  We provide a platform to promote and share your material to a new and eager audience and you get an audience and the opportunity to focus on your material rather than the technology needed to deliver it.

Obviously there is a publishing process that would need to be established and agreed but you provide the material, any quizzes or assignments, and set the price and we publish it on the site and manage the content on your behalf.

If you are interested in this idea get in touch and we can discuss the options and the opportunity.

Absolutely.  If you have the in-house capability so you should.  Elements of Success is a program designed for in-house facilitation by your people or by ours.  You can run it yourself from the materials provided.

Each component is designed to take just 50 minutes.  You can fit them in to your lunch break, in a team meeting or over a few weeks.  You could run it as a 3-day residential for your leadership group. You could even run it as part of an induction program. Elements of Success is designed to be flexible.  

You can even run the program thematically, meaning if you have a particular issue to address (communications, innovation or quality for example), you can design a program by bringing different Elements together to create a custom program, or use ones we have created already. It is not a linear program and can be easily reconfigured to fit into your requirements.

There is a managers program in development specifically geared to addressing those work functions that people tend to just get thrown in to.

That said, it is really important to have the base skills done first.  How can your managers assist their team if they have not experienced it themselves?  We see the manager program as an extension of the Personal, Team Dynamics, and Customer Experience and Process programs and would recommend that they are tackled first, or at least in parallel.

It is anticipated that the manager's program will be available during 2015.

Not found what you are looking for?  How about trying the Forum or sending us a message via our Contact Page.