Elements of Success

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What is this program?

We believe the world is changing fast, so much so that there is a need for new approaches to success for both individuals and businesses.   We believe to succeed people have to think and act differently to the guy in the next cubicle.  She probably has an MBA too, and thinks the same way as the other 20 MBAs in the room.  More than ever, values, behaviours and solutions-focus are becoming the conclusive difference for employer and client choices in the selection, promotion and engagement stakes.


As an organisation, we believe in people and their ability to change and adapt. We believe in the humanity of people and their creative and innovative potential.  We believe people can do amazing things given the courage to try.  We believe people have a right to be happy and fulfilled.

We also believe that right comes with a responsibility to mature and grow and to take charge of our lives – a responsibility that is no one’s but our own.


Just as everything is made up of basic elements, we are all subjected to similar human elements, combinations of which impact our effectiveness in different circumstances. Surprisingly these are the same elements that add up to success regardless of goals or fields of work and expertise. Success appears to be unrelated to education, income, opportunities or intellect.


In the movie, ‘Jerry McGuire,’ Cuba Gooding Jnr’s character, Ron Tidwell, is remembered for his line “Show me the money,” perhaps an analogy of 20th Century success.

What is less remembered is Ron’s concept of the ‘Kwan’. The sweet spot where the three things he wanted came together to create his perfect life.  Thinking about the movie, what changed about the Ron Tidwell character that brought him the success he sought? More training? More opportunities?  More cars?  Was it similar to the things that changed for Jerry McGuire?

Our program is more in line with that concept.  After all, what use is money if you live with unhappiness or feel unfulfilled and unappreciated?



What is success?

Philosophers and psychologists have pondered this question for centuries. The conclusion appears to be: it is different for each one of us and it often changes as we get older.

Most of us have heard stories of people diligently pursuing their career and reaching the top of the ladder only to find themselves unsatisfied and underwhelmed. Throwing it all in they find their vocation setting up a missionary in Africa, or working to save the environment, or working with the under-privileged, or setting up their own business.


What we think is success suddenly becomes something different.

“It wasn’t what I expected,” “I have all the trappings, why am I still unhappy?” These words are heard too often.


Success becomes an illusion or a paradox. Working 60–70 hours a week but being worn down and broken is not generally considered success regardless of the cars, houses and money gathered along the way. Generally, these things are what society deems measures of success.

Most people would also not consider sitting in the same role or the same company 40 hours a week for 40 years just doing the work whilst not fulfilling our potential or working to our strengths a measure of success either.



What is the Elements of Success program?

The Elements of Success program is built around those human traits we often under-value. The program is delivered in small components, Elements, and is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle.


Unlike many other programs, it is not about having a nice experience and walking away marginally different than when you arrived. It is a program of revolutionary change.



Play alone, or in groups

The program is designed so you can work alone at your own pace, or in groups with friends and colleagues. The program does encourage group participation, but the exercises can be done independently. We provide a range of forums for group participation.



Short bursts

Each Element is designed to take just 50 minutes. You can fit them in to your lunch break, on the bus (well perhaps not all of them), in a team meeting or over Sunday breakfast. Of course, implementing them might take a bit longer, but the kick-start parts can be done in a very short period of time to fit in wherever and whenever you can make some space.



A complete program you can run yourself

As a business activity, the Elements of Success program can be run sequentially or thematically. No need for a facilitator or consultant if you have in-house skills available to you. You can run it yourself from the materials provided.

You can run each of the streams as a one-day program or break them down into half-day or even one-hour sessions over a number of weeks. People can participate independently and the use the Debrief exercises to share their experience. The format is flexible enough for you to choose what works best for you and your company.



A complete program that can be run for you

We can put you in touch with facilitators, consultants, and coaches who can take the logistical hassle off you and deliver the program with you and for you to maximise your investment.



Learn and apply

This is not a program based on reading theory. It is a program based on application and implementation. The program will challenge you to apply the things you have discovered, to share them with others, and to work on it every day.



Forward focused

Whilst much of the program is based on time-proven principles and methods, the focus is not on the present or the past so much as it is toward the future. The world is changing. Many of the subjects look at applying skills that will be required in 2020 and beyond. To remain competitive, either as a business or as an individual, new skills and different approaches will be required. You can start your journey here.



How does it work?

You can try the first three Elements free, you just need to register to have access. Try them out and see if they work for you. After that, there are over 30 other Elements that we believe are Elements of Success. Many are applied to the individual; other Elements are for interacting with others. The final two modules focus on tools to get the job done.

In a break with conventional programs, Elements of Success also offers a thematic approach that looks at six business concepts and provides the sequence of material required to tackle just those issues.



What you will get out of it

You will get out of it as much as you are prepared to put in to it. It is common for people to refocus their perception of what is important to them in their life. Many people change jobs, whilst others seek to get new skills to secure them a promotion, or to start up their own adventure pursuing their passion.


Some people stay where they are but with a renewed sense of purpose and satisfaction. All agree they are glad they took on the challenge.



Does the program guarantee success?

Because success is so personal, subjective and even transient for all the reasons mentioned at the beginning, we can only guarantee that your life will change if you learn and apply the principles and practices offered by the program. Take heart, you can succeed if you understand:

• You have a natural abilities, some hidden from your view and some taken for granted
• You will have things you struggle with – but if you master the basics Pareto’s Law kicks in
• There will always be ideas that you don’t get but acquiring them pays dividends
• There are always things you wish you had known before you needed them – best to grasp the concepts early.


This program is no different. Some Elements you will think, “why does anyone need to learn that, don’t people just know?” Other Elements will require diligence and persistence and you will want to give up on them. Other things will have you scratching your head questioning, “why would anyone think that is important?”

Just like success, we are all wonderfully different.

This program cannot guarantee you success but, if you embody the principles and live the life, you may get your personal ‘Kwan’, and probably the money too.


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