Elements of Success

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Learn the new skills you will need in a changing workplace

We have all heard stories of people diligently pursuing their career and reaching their success goals only to find themselves unsatisfied and underwhelmed.

This program is about making sure you are climbing the right ladder.

Try the Introduction to the Elements of Success program for free.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Covering the first 12 Elements, this program helps you identify the things you really want and helps you create a plan to achieve it.

The Elements of Success Personal stream is built around those human traits we often under-value. The program is delivered in small components, Elements, and is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle meaning you can easily fit it in to a busy schedule.

Take control of your future.  Let us help you.

The program is designed so you can work alone at your own pace, or in groups with friends and colleagues.

The program does encourage group participation, but the exercises can be done independently and we provide a range of online forums for group participation for those times that you want to share your thoughts and ideas or ask some questions.

No need for a facilitator or consultant if you have in-house skills available to you. You can run it yourself from the materials provided.  We provide facilitator training and materials meaning a fast return on investment.

You can run each of the three streams of Elements as a one-day program or break them down into half-day or even one-hour sessions over a number of weeks.

Your people can participate independently and the use the Debrief exercises to share their experience. The format is flexible enough for you to choose what works best for you and your company. 

The Elements of Success program can be run sequentially or thematically depending on your need.

Want to focus on Communication, Innovation, or Customer Service?  Taking a combination of different elements, you can customise the material to create your own package or take our suggestions and run a program for the area you want to highlight.

Using multiple Elements also accommodates different levels or experience or different levels of management - the choice is yours. 

 Each Element is designed to take just 50 minutes. You can fit them in to your lunch break, on the bus (well perhaps not all of them), in a team meeting or over Sunday breakfast.

Implementing the ideas might take a bit longer but the core aspects can be completed in a very short period of time to fit in wherever and whenever you have some space.  

You don't need to take full days out of the office or take staff offline for large chunks of the day.  This program can be adapted to fit in to business schedules and shrinking timelines.




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Paul Mackenzie-Smith

Paul Mackenzie-Smith [ Facilitator ]